Slice Of Vegas at Mandalay Bay Place

Pizza. It’s a go-to for many vegetarians, as meat lovers enjoy it, but not always the most healthy or interesting dinner option. And vegans are often left with a boring, wilted sub shop salad. Not so at Slice Of Vegas, my new favorite pizza place in Las Vegas. Vegan cheese. Gluten-free crust. Meatless toppings and plenty of fresh veggies. This is vegan pizza heaven, with plenty of meat options for your pals.

Don’t let the fact that Slice Of Vegas is located at Mandalay Bay Place, the shopping mall that connects Mandalay Bay and Luxor, fool you. This is no mall food court pizza. These are gourmet, made-to-order pies with endless topping options and a full vegan menu.

I had a hard time choosing what to order because everything sounded so good, but finally decided on the vegan cauliflower appetizer and 4 cheese truffle pizza, to which I added brocolini and vegetarian meatless meatballs. It was seriously the best pizza I’ve ever had. Hubby and I split the zeppoli (fried pizza dough, also vegan) for dessert. But next time, I’m making him try the vegan chocolate cake while I go for a cannoli.

And yes, there will definitely be a next time. Just one Slice Of Vegas was not enough. Try it yourself for a delicious vegan or vegetarian lunch or dinner in Las Vegas.


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Mizumi at Wynn

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Wynn and Encore are great places to take a vegetarian in Vegas. Their vegan/vegetarian menus are a part of the “regular” menu now too, so you don’t even have to ask for the “special” one. Mizumi had one of the most extensive vegetarian menus I’ve seen in Vegas, from sushi and small plates to full entrees.

I had a hard time deciding, especially when our server told me that some of the items on the regular menu were actually vegetarian as well; the vegan menu wasn’t even the full extent of what I could order. Yay! I tried the truffle salt edamame, tofu salad and gardein chik’n entree. All delicious. I ate way too much to enjoy dessert, but the coconut cocktail was perfect–sweet and creamy but not too sugary.

Mizumi would be a great spot for a group, from vegetarians to vegans, and, of course, all our omnivore buddies. The menu includes a lot of things that are easy to share and while the view is gorgeous, the atmosphere is pretty laid back. See you at the sushi bar!

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Greens And Proteins (Off The Strip, Multiple Locations)

I rarely venture off Las Vegas Blvd, aka The Strip, and if you’re a vegetarian tourist in Las Vegas, you probably don’t either. But when I do (anyone hearing The Most Interesting Man In The World right now?), I check the menu and search for the best vegetarian options possible. Lately, for lunch that means Greens And Proteins.

Whether you’re a visiting vegan or a local vegetarian, this is a great spot for a quick bite. Everything is healthy, fresh and made-to-order. Calorie counts and ingredient lists are readily available, and the menu includes everything from gluten-free to raw, vegan entrees.

I’m partial to the “choose your own” meal, as you can combine your protein, grain and veggie with the sauce of your choice. The vegan broccoli cheese (nut cream) soup is delicious, but the tofu fries are my favorite. Make sure to get some if you go.

Both locations are open daily until 10pm, offering vegetarian and vegan breakfast, lunch and dinner. And yes, their protein options include meat, in case your friends want to know.

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Le Thai in Downtown Las Vegas on Fremont St

If you haven’t been downtown Las Vegas yet, I urge you to take a trip down to Fremont St. to visit Le Thai, as well as some of the bars near there. While the canopy area remains a bit cheap and cheesy, the other end has a wonderful variety of local bars and restaurants. Le Thai is one of these gems serving delicious vegetarian and vegan food in downtown Las Vegas.

Often called “old Vegas,” downtown and Fremont St. often get overlooked by tourists, but it’s interesting to see Vegas outside of The Strip. And for vegetarians, Le Thai is a must-try. The food is delicious, the decor is beautiful and the prices can’t be beat. Ask to sit in the back patio and take a much needed respite from the assault of neon in Las Vegas, then order the vegan curry with tofu.

Nearly every dish can be done with tofu here (although some may have hidden fish sauce, so ask your server for specifics). But the vegan curry is safe for all non-meat eaters and is delicious. You can choose your level of spiciness and white or brown rice, all while sitting in an almost-tropical garden so tranquil and lush that it’s hard to believe you’re in the Las Vegas desert.

I hope you find time to make it downtown on your trip to Las Vegas, and to Le Thai for a vegan dinner that won’t break the bank. Enjoy!

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Culinary Dropout at Hard Rock Hotel

I don’t know why I always think of the Hard Rock Hotel as “far away.” While technically off The Strip, it’s a frequent and easy cab destination. And for vegetarians, Culinary Dropout makes it well worth the drive. Overlooking Hard Rock’s pool, Culinary Dropout offers a laidback vibe and a variety of tempting vegetarian options, securing it a spot on the shortlist for my new favorite restaurant.

First up, the decor and atmosphere is great: fun without being over the top, eclectic and shabby-chic in the way most Pinterest boards desperately try to be. Next, the cocktail program: full of unique touches and handcrafted flair. And finally, the menu: just the menu itself will make you laugh, with names like “Ma…The Meatloaf!” Sadly, it’s not vegetarian, but I want to order it just to scream it like Will Ferrell.

On to the vegetarian and vegan menu options. There’s a whole “vegetable and snacks” antipasti section that could easily be made into a meal and is full of vegan options. I highly recommend the roasted beets and marcona almonds, as well as some “good crusty bread.” (Their name, not mine. I told you this place was fun!) If you still have room, try the pretzels and cheese.

For a full meal, I can’t get enough of the Sweet Corn Cannelloni. The Chopped Vegetable Salad also looks promising as a nice light, summer meal. (Make it vegan without the parmesan.) You could also easily omit the bacon for some bangin’ Grilled Cheese Sliders.

Bottom line: there are lots of vegetarian options to choose from, plus some pretty adaptable dishes to widen your horizon. Vegans will also enjoy a variety of options, as will carnivorous friends. Culinary Dropout is a great spot for groups.

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Nobu at Caesars Palace

I had been waiting to try Nobu at Caesars Palace since I first heard they were coming to Las Vegas. They were known for great food, fresh ingredients and inventive preparation. And they delivered on every single promise, including vegetarian and vegan options.

We visited for dinner, where I started with the edamame. Standard, but good. Next was a vegetable roll that, for once, was not just cucumber avocado. The vegetable Kushiyaki skewers were delicious, with the perfect sweet teriyaki sauce. But my favorite dish by far was the tofu Toban-Yaki, a sizzling hot pot of tofu, broth and vegetables. I wanted to order another one as soon as I’d had the first bite. As I write this my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

We sat at the sushi bar, which I’m not always a fan of (so. much. fish.) but we got to talk to the chef and he wasn’t phased by a vegetarian diner at all. Our server was also quite knowledgeable and attuned to dietary restrictions and allergies. They were able to modify dishes to be dairy-free for my husband without any issues; he even got dessert! Which gave my tofu dish a run for its money as my favorite–I got the cappuccino, which is actually layers of cake crumbles and cream with a whiskey foam. I’d recommend going just for that.

As far as vegetarian sushi options go, this has become one of my top spots in Las Vegas. I can’t wait to try more items, like the vegetable tacos. And the best part is that nearly all of the vegetarian menu items are also vegan, or can easily be made vegan. So save room, and make reservations at Nobu now.

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La Cave at Wynn

Ah, the restaurants at Wynn and Encore. Paradise for a vegan or vegetarian in Vegas. My latest new friend at their restaurant collection? La Cave at Wynn. Despite the French sounding name, La Cave is an America tapas-style restaurant with a whole bunch of vegetarian and vegan options on the menu.

The menu as a whole can be a bit overwhelming, so just go with the flow and order as you see fit. I got 3 small dishes for myself and shared a few others with a fellow vegetarian diner. All in all i think I tried 5 or 6 dishes, plus dessert. But I’ll get to that in a minute…

We ordered a combination of vegetarian and vegan items, plus a few meats for the hubby. I loved the 3-bean salad as well as the beet salad. (Beets are my new favorite food.) The quinoa and eggplant capponata was also quite good. I also got the vegan tortellini which, truth be told, I didn’t love. However, my husband, who hasn’t had real cheese in forever, couldn’t get enough of it. So it’s a great option for vegans.

The full vegetarian and vegan dinner menu is available online, but subject to change, of course. Their wine list is extensive, including by the glass, and the s’mores dessert flatbread was to die for. If you are a vegan or vegetarian visiting Las Vegas, I highly recommend stopping by La Cave at the Wynn.

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YOLOs at Planet Hollywood

Have I mentioned I like Mexican food? OK, good. It’s extremely vegetarian-friendly and easy to find on The Strip, at all price points. Perfect for vegetarians vacationing in Las Vegas! And of course, Vegans too. (Did you know Las Vegas residents are sometimes called Las Vegans?)

Anyway, a few weeks ago I tried YOLOs at Planet Hollywood for lunch. Vegetarian lunch can be harder to find in Vegas than vegetarian dinners, so it was good to try something new. I had their fajitas which were awesome. Why? Because they had lots of veggies! You would be surprised at how many places offer 5 kinds of fajitas, but the vegetarian version is just a big plate of onions. Bo-ring.  But YOLOs vegetarian fajitas were fresh, flavorful, and full of variety. Yay!

YOLOs is located on the casino floor, making it easy to get to for lunch, dinner or a quick vegetarian snack. (I highly recommend the guacamole, made tableside.) They’ve also got Happy Hour deals, because, hey, You Only Live Once. So enjoy it, with delicious vegetarian food in Vegas!

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D’Amore’s Famous Pizza at Miracle Mile Shops in Planet Hollywood

Good news Vegas vegans: vegan cheese has come to the Las Vegas Strip! D’Amore’s Famous Pizza now serves vegan cheese on their pies. (They also offer gluten-free crust, too.)

Located inside the Miracle Mile Shops, adjacent to Planet Hollywood, this is a small pizza place where you can buy a slice or a whole pie. They only do full pies with vegan cheese, not single slices, but you could probably do half and half if you had a friend who just had to have real cheese.

D’Amore’s is tucked away in the back side of the mall, near the parking entrance and the Saxe Theater. It’s a casual place, great for a quick vegan lunch or dinner. I haven’t tried the vegan pizza yet, so please let me know how it is if you do!

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Max Brenner at Forum Shops at Caesars Palace

I love chocolate. To say that I have a sweet tooth is a serious understatement; it’s more like I’ve got a sweet jaw or something. So a restaurant that brings chocolate into nearly every dish? Right up my alley. Add plenty of vegetarian goodies and I’m sold. Obviously you can see why Max Brenner, inside the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, might be my new favorite place.

First, let’s talk about the menu. It’s huge. Almost overwhelming. So let me help you out: they have vegetarian breakfast/brunch, lunch and dinner dishes, and breakfast items are served extended hours, giving you lots of choices. Also, you must have the waffle fries, it’s not an option.

If you eat eggs, you’re in business here. I will eat eggs, but I’m not a huge fan, so I made my own light lunch, tapas-style and had the hummus, white corn croquettes and aforementioned waffle fries with house dipping sauce.

The margherita pannini was also calling my name, and I can’t wait to go back and try the Veggie Conscious Burger. There are a few vegetarian pizza and pasta options as well. All around, plenty of vegetarian options for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Of course, dessert is the star here. Save room and bring a bunch of friends to Max Brenner so you can try a variety of options.

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