Julian Serrano at Aria

If you haven’t tried tapas yet, it’s time to jump on this trend. Not only is it very vegetarian friendly, but it’s a great way to try a lot of different food without spending a ton or immediately requiring a nap. These small plates are perfect for sharing, tasting and ordering seconds of your faves.

But enough about tapas. Let’s get to the good stuff on Julian Serrano, a delightful Spanish tapas restaurant at Aria. Located on Las Vegas Boulevard, in City Center, it’s easy to find and has a fun vibe that’s not too casual but still lots of fun. Small plates start at about $6 and go up to around $15. There are also some larger portions and paellas sized to share.

They have an entire vegetarian/vegan/dairy-free/gluten-free menu cheat sheet and the staff is well-versed in the ingredients and spice level of each dish. There’s plenty to choose from for any type of diet. Combined with the shared nature of a tapas place and it’s a win-win spot that is perfect for groups that include meat eaters. Or not.

My all-time favorite item is the brava potatoes. These lightly fried diced potatoes are covered in a medium-spicy red sauce with a cool, creamy (non-dairy but made with eggs) aioli on top that can easily be omitted to make the dish vegan.

The marcona almonds are simple (just sunflower oil and salt) but so, so good. The padron peppers are also delicious, but watch out: one in every few batches is super hot, while the rest are just fresh and flavorful.

The risotto is also good, as is the sangria. There’s plenty to try so if you happen to visit Julian Serrano the next time you are looking for vegetarian lunch or dinner in Vegas, check them out! Then let me know what to try on my next visit.

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