Scarpetta at The Cosmopolitan

With the exception of a few very strict steak houses, there aren’t too many places where a vegetarian can’t cobble together a meal in Vegas. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be good. Or fun. And what’s the point of going out to dinner if it’s boring and requires 10 trips to the kitchen  to beg the chef to put down the chicken broth?

That’s why I get so excited when a restaurant has a separate vegetarian or vegan menu readily available. When it’s got more than one item on it? Even better. Especially when those items are clearly marked as being vegan-friendly and are as delicious as the dishes at Scarpetta inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

Located on the 3rd floor, alongside most of the other restaurants, Scarpetta is the Vegas outpost of chef Scott Conant’s New York hot spot. It’s dark and romantic inside, perfect for date night or even a fancy group dinner. And be sure to save room because you’re going to want to eat (and drink) a lot.

There are at least half a dozen vegetarian appetizers and even more entreés. The signature spaghetti is delicious, and I love seeing a signature dish that is also vegetarian. The butternut squash pasta was also delicious, and rotates seasonally, so I’ll be back to try the spring vegetables soon. I also loved the roasted vegetable appetizer (seasonal) and the polenta. Of course I sampled several desserts, including a just-the-right-size portion of cheesecake and a crumbly pear tart. They even had non-dairy sorbet for my lactose-free hubby!

The menu is seasonal, so it will change, but I’ve never had a bad meal at Scarpetta. And with a full vegetarian and vegan menu, it’s hard to go wrong! Definitely check it out if you’re looking for a nice vegetarian night out in Las Vegas.


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