Chin Chin Cafe and Sushi Bar at New York New York

As a vegetarian, you end up eating a lot of pasta primavera and vegetable stir-fry. Which can both be good, don’t get me wrong. But they’re also boring. So when I find a restaurant that can mix it up, I get pretty excited. Chin Chin Cafe in the New York New York hotel and casino offered the traditional vegetable stir-fry dishes, but with a twist: you could substitute tofu for practically any meat item in an entrĂ©e. Score!

Chin Chin Cafe is kind of hidden, as I’ve found with a lot of the New York New York restaurants, but the place is nice and the menu is huge. Definitely a casual spot, but the food was delicious and the portions are generous. I was there with a meat eater, but he tried a bite of the tofu and enjoyed it as well. It would be a great spot to go with a group of vegetarians and order several dishes family style.

I had the vegetable potstickers (always a favorite) and the Kung Pao “Chicken,” tofu style. I ordered brown rice to go with it but really didn’t need it as it was definitely enough to share and tasty even without the rice. I have not yet tried their vegetarian sushi, but would definitely go back as I’m confident they know which sauces are vegetarian and can make custom rolls to order.


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