Picasso at The Bellagio

As you’ve read before, and undoubtedly understand if you’re a vegetarian or vegan  as well, I love when a restaurant has a special vegetarian or vegan menu. There’s nothing better than a chef who understands and embraces different diets and has developed a menu and kitchen that fits every lifestyle.

Now, take that excitement and chef’s skill and multiply it by 10–at least. That’s what you get at Picasso, inside the Bellagio Hotel. Not only will you take in gorgeous fountain views and get up close and personal with real Picasso paintings, but you’ll enjoy a 5 course vegetarian tasting menu designed by renowned executive chef Julian Serrano. (Yup, he’s one of my faves and a must-eat-at chef for vegetarians in Vegas.)

Take a minute to let that sink in. A 5 course vegetarian tasting menu. Which they would be more than happy to make vegan for you. (My husband eats meat but not dairy and they were able to substitute without issue or complaint.) Of course, the menu is completely seasonal and you can’t even order a la carte, so I can’t quite recommend anything specific, but trust me. It’s good. So good. And worth the price.

Yes, it is a little pricey, but when else are you going to have a chef’s degustation that is completely vegetarian? Splurge here, I beg you. And go for the wine pairing, too. The service and food here are both impeccable and create an amazing atmosphere for a romantic night out or celebratory casino winnings dinner. Did I mention it’s won a bunch of awards? Yeah. Ignore the rest of the blog and go here first.

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