Gilley’s at Treasure Island

A barbecue restaurant that offers mechanical bull riding competitions probably wouldn’t be your first choice for a vegetarian hot spot. And usually, this is sound logic. Except in the case of Gilley’s at Treasure Island, who serves some of the best vegetarian chili I’ve ever tasted.

Seriously, it makes me hungry just thinking about it. Now obviously ribs and other traditional BBQ dishes are the staple here, but there are plenty of sides for vegetarians. (Although you probably don’t want to know the calorie count in most of them.) I actually picked Gilley’s because I love barbecue sauce so much. I wasn’t expecting to be able to eat much, maybe just fries and their signature sauce, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover this chili.

It’s got a lot going on but it’s not confusingly flavored or overpowering in any way. This chili is not too spicy either, just hearty and definitely enough for a meal if you add a small side to it. I paired it with mac ‘n cheese, but they’ve got quite a few salads and a veggie burger option as well. All in all, it’s a meat lover’s paradise that most vegetarians would be happy to dine (or line dance) at.

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  2. Deborah Breland says:

    The veggie burger there is the brst I’ve had anywhere ever. The texture is perfect. It is not just a heated up garden burger. It was like a real burger. Awesome.

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