Sugar Factory American Brasserie at Paris

I had never eaten at any restaurant at the Paris hotel until last weekend. As a vegetarian (with a meat eating but lactose-free husband) I’ve learned that French food is often not the friendliest. Everything has butter or cream, and they seem to like their meat. Which explains how we ended up at a restaurant with “American” in the name.

OK, so maybe Sugar Factory isn’t the best representation of the restaurant offering at Paris, but it’s good to know it’s there, and pretty delicious. Also good to know? It’s open 24 hours. Which is a key factor in making me like this place even more than the rhinestone lollipops already had.

But on to the food. I had mac ‘n cheese lollipops. They were good. Like, really good. They even came with a little side of tomato soup/sauce for dipping. And they were fun. I also had the double stack veggie burger. I had never seen a 2 story veggie burger before, so I had to order it. (Also, I love veggie burgers.) It was good, crispy on the outside and not falling apart so you had to eat with a fork. It’s a veggie and rice patty, too, not fake meat.

The cocktails looked good, with some fun ones sized to share, and I wish I’d saved room for dessert. There were quite a few other vegetarian items I missed, so perhaps we’ll go back soon. All in all I’d classify this place as a slightly more upscale Cheesecake Factory without (as much of) the unhealthy feel.

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