BLT Burger at The Mirage

I have a love/hate relationship with burger restaurants. Sometimes they have so many different toppings I am paralyzed by indecision and can’t figure out what to put on my veggie patty. Other times they have only a bland mushroom cap burger on the menu. It’s enough to drive a vegetarian (in Vegas or any other city) just a little bit crazy.

BLT at The Mirage went a totally different route. Instead of imitating meat, they make their own veggie falafel “burger.” Admittedly, I was a bit skeptical, as this was one of my first forays into falafel, but it was good. A nice change of pace from some of the other veggie burgers out there. It was a bit hard to eat as a sandwich, so I had to resort to a knife and fork, but I’ve found that to be pretty standard across vegetarian burgers and buns.

The avocado and hummus really pulled it together, so there was a lot of flavor and healthful ingredients that won’t break the bank. Of course I made it a combo and enjoyed a chocolate milkshakes and some very yummy fries. (The adult floats and spiked milkshakes also sounded pretty good, if you’re over 21.)

The vibe at BLT Burger is fun and relaxed and the food is some delicious casual fare. It obviously caters to meat-eaters but it’s a great spot to grab a vegetarian lunch or dinner in Vegas. Many restaurants here are only open at night so it’s great to know where to snag a quick vegetarian sandwich before getting back to your vacation.

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