PBR Rock Bar & Grill at Planet Hollywood’s Miracle Mile

While a mechanical bull is by no means a prerequisite for dining in Las Vegas, it happens more often than you’d think. Even at places that offer vegetarian-friendly menus. PBR Rock Bar, located in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, has both. So while it’s clearly not fine dining (did the bull tip you off?) it’s a relaxed place that’s great for a casual bite to refuel during shopping.

They’ve got 2 vegetarian sandwiches on the menu here, a veggie stack of mushroom caps and assorted vegetables, as well as a veggie burger that’s a new addition to the menu. I opted for the veggie burger, as well as the field green salad. The salads are decently sized, and they’ve got quite a few vegetarian options on the sides menu as well, so you could easily create a meal if veggie burgers aren’t your thing. They’ve also got a make-your-own pizza option. And-wait for it-breakfast all day!

They love their cheese here so it’s not the most vegan-friendly place out there, but it will do in a pinch. They also offer those yard-long alcoholic slurpees people love in Las Vegas; you don’t even have to go in, there’s a counter for to-go drinks right in the mall. And while they’re not open 24 hours, but they do serve breakfast all day, which is pretty clutch. As vegetarian casual lunch spots go in Vegas, PBR Rock Bar isn’t too bad. Let me know if you get to ride the bull!

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