Sinatra at Encore

I’m not sure how to really sum up the deliciousness, abundance of vegetarian options and overwhelmingly amazing service in a single blog post. Suffice to say, Sinatra at Encore might just have become my all-time favorite restaurant. Every single moment of the evening was spot on, from start to finish. As I’ve said, there are a fair amount of vegetarian options in Vegas, particularly at Wynn and Encore, but Sinatra takes the cake. (Which, coincidentally, is vegan.)

Let’s start with the food, because that’s crucial. I requested the vegetarian menu and our server took time to make sure she understood whether I was a strict vegetarian, vegan, or had allergies. Once she knew what I liked she offered a suggestion for the special that could be made vegetarian, then let me explore the menu. I opted for the gnocchi to start, and she suggested doing a smaller appetizer portion. Score 1! She also told me it could be vegan or vegetarian, my preference. I went with real cheese, but got the vegan chicken parmigiana as my main course. It’s made with Gardein and it was incredible. So good, in fact, that my carnivorous husband ate half of it after he finished his steak!

We were too full for dessert, but our server remembered our dietary restrictions and did mention their vegan chocolate cake. We promised we’d be back because 1) we love cake and 2) the service was terrific. My husband has a dairy allergy (but does eat meat). Our server was able to substitute the vegan cheese in his entrĂ©e and even brought us the vegan bread basket and vegan butter. Think about that for a second. They have a vegan bread basket with butter.

I’ve never been so stuffed as when we left and I can’t wait to go back and try more items on the menu. If you’re in Vegas you absolutely have to try Sinatra at Encore. Vegan-friendly doesn’t even begin to describe it. It is a vegan (and vegetarian) paradise with plenty of options for meat-eaters as well.

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2 Responses to Sinatra at Encore

  1. Heather says:

    I went here tonight based on your review and I loved it! It might be my favorite restaurant now too. Thanks!

  2. VegetarianVegas says:

    Glad you liked it! What did you have?

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