Trevi at Caesars Palace Forum Shops

Located right next to another great vegetarian-friendly eatery in Vegas, Trevi sits in the center of the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace and offers great people watching and a beautiful (if a bit noisy!) view of the indoor fountain. The food is rustic Italian and the menu is full of favorite dishes–plenty of which are vegetarian.

For a light lunch, I love the minestrone soup and either a salad or the fried mozzarella fritta. Eggplant’s not my favorite, but there are several vegetarian eggplant dishes that sound delicious, if only I ate eggplant. The risotto cakes are also tempting, but I always go for the ravioli with tomato cream sauce. (There are other yummy sounding pasta dishes on the menu, so please let me know what else is good if you go! It’s time to try something new.)

The polenta fries are also good, and a little bit different. I’ve never had dessert here, but the gelato stand on the side has great flavor combinations and is much cheaper than the other gelato spot farther down the mall. Whether you’re looking for lunch or dinner, Trevi offers a wide selection of vegetarian options; I never really realized just how many until I sat down to write this post! They do use a lot of cheese, so be sure to talk to your server if you’re vegan. And enjoy the people watching! This is a great spot to take in Vegas.

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