Koi at Planet Hollywood

There are quite a few casual-yet-delicious vegetarian-friendly restaurants in the Miracle Mile Shops next to Planet Hollywood in Vegas. But tucked away on the second floor of the Vegas resort, overlooking the casino, are Planet Hollywood’s nicer restaurants. And while Strip House’s burlesque atmosphere has always sounded interesting, last weekend I was too hungry to nibble at a few sides at a steakhouse. And so we found ourselves at Koi, a Japanese restaurant and lounge inside Planet Hollywood.

As is customary for me at any sushi place, I prepared to order a lot of random dishes and expected them to come out whenever. I also informed our server early on that I was a vegetarian, as some places use fish sauces or other hidden animal products. He assured me that all my choices were fine, and he was definitely right!

We started with steamed and salted edamame to share. Then my husband got a bunch of raw fish and I got lots of yummy veggies (and some tofu). I tried the mixed vegetable tempura, which had a nice variety of vegetables, including a radish that was disguised as a carrot and perhaps even more delicious than it’s orange twin. It was so good I also got an avocado, cucumber and “fake carrot” sushi roll, as well as the tofu and vegetable dish. The tofu was grilled and firm, not fried, so it seemed pretty healthy, and the sauce was delicious.

Overall the food was great, as well as the service. It’s definitely worth seeking out Koi at Planet Hollywood. It’s also a lounge at night, which I haven’t visited, so let me know if you check it out!

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