Resources for Eating Vegetarian In Vegas

I do my best to eat at a LOT of restaurants in Vegas in order to provide the most up to date guide to vegetarian and vegan dining on the Las Vegas Strip. But there are some other great sites out there as well that can help you find the perfect vegetarian meal for any price point or time of day in Las Vegas, Nevada. So here it is: linkapalooza.

Happy Cow Las Vegas

Organized by exclusively vegetarian or vegan, as well as veg-friendly, Happy Cow is a great guide to Las Vegas. (And many other US cities.)

LV Vegan

This site has lots of great tips for eating 100% animal free in Las Vegas. Did you know that many restaurants can accommodate vegan or even raw diners if you give them notice?

The Vegas Vegan

Slightly older posts as the author has now moved to Los Angeles, but some great tips at a many current restaurants. And if she can do vegan, you can definitely do vegetarian.

Surviving As a Vegetarian In Vegas

This site breaks restaurants down into two categories: ones you would actually want to eat at, and ones where you can “get by.” It was my guide to Vegas for my first trip years ago.

Veg Guide Vegas

Thorough list arranged by vegetarian, vegan or veg friendly, but not a lot of reviews. A great starting place to narrow down your own research.

Eating Vegan In Vegas

365 days of vegan eating in and around Las Vegas (plus some homecooking recipe ideas.) This blog provides a little more local flavor and some off-Strip suggestions.

Yelp’s Vegetarian Vegas Reviews

Don’t discount Yelp’s crowdsourced reviews. Just be aware that Yelpers tend to favor vegetarian-specific restaurants, as opposed to the more mainstream nature of this blog.

Urbanspoon’s Vegetarian Restaurant Guide

Focused primarily on off-strip, casual dining this site has some of those hole-in-the-wall vegetarian and vegan restaurants that are often home to the best recipes around.

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