The Good, the Bad, and the Not-So-Veggie-Friendly

There are tons of restaurants in Las Vegas, from vegan to steak and potatoes only, with all manners of cuisine and pricepoint in between. So it’s safe to say that I’ve eaten at some seriously disappointing/overpriced/not a vegetable in sight kinds of places on The Strip. But I’m trying to keep this blog positive. So while I have tons of advice for places to stay away from, you’ll only find great vegetarian and vegan spots to eat at here.

Why? It seems counterproductive to write reviews of places you should avoid. I’d rather offer constructive ideas and tips for places that are worth checking out. Also? Writing negative reviews is exhausting and makes me angry ‘cuz I have to go back and remember how awful the service/food/drinks/all of the above was.

This also explains why sometime I won’t have a new review right away…it’s safe to assume that means I recently went somewhere I wouldn’t suggest you visit. Maybe some day I will include “negative” reviews as guidance for restaurants, chefs or hotels to stay away from. And by no means have I tried every restaurant in Vegas, so don’t assume that the absence of a review means it’s no good…it’s possible I just haven’t gotten there yet!

If you’d like to know about a specific restaurant or chef, feel free to tweet me @VegetarianVegas or leave a comment on a post and I’ll let you know if I’ve been there and my honest (off the record) thoughts.


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