Social House in Crystals at Aria/CityCenter

As a vegetarian, there are a few things I’ve learned are almost universally true about sushi restaurants: the menus can be intimidating at first, but the chefs have plenty of vegetables at their disposal and can whip up a veggie roll or two, no problem at all. Just be sure to mention that you are a strict vegetarian (or vegan) and what that means, such as no fish sauce, no cream cheese, etc.

This “everyone can do a veggie roll” was my reasoning behind our first visit to Social House, inside the Crystals shopping area at CityCenter. But I was in for quite a pleasant surprise. I looked over the regular menu and selected a few items that sounded vegetarian and decided just to check with the server before ordering. As soon as I told our server I was a vegetarian he said “You should have told me!” and came back with a full vegetarian and vegan menu. Appetizers. Sushi. Shareable plates, and larger entrees. Heaven in Vegas for this vegetarian food lover!

I quickly changed my order to select from the vegetarian menu, especially since it featured a few items not even on the regular menu. Our server was also able to recommend dishes that were their specialty and not likely to be found anywhere else in Vegas. A nice touch, and a far cry from the simple veggie roll I expected! I tried avocado tartar, a citrusy deconstructed guacamole dish that was small, yet full of flavor. Next was an assorted vegetable tempura, and finally a seared tofu dish, one of their vegetarian specialties.

I can’t wait to go back and try the rest of the vegetarian menu at Social House. (It will likely take me more than one trip.) Good thing they also serve lunch! It’s a great spot for a quick snack, or a larger meal as the plates are small enough to order depending on appetite after a long day in Vegas. Just make sure to ask for the vegetarian menu!

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