Blue Ribbon Sushi at The Cosmopolitan

Obviously, sushi restaurants cater to fish lovers. As a strict vegetarian, I do not fall into that category by any means. But I have learned that you can always get a vegetarian roll or two at any sushi place in Vegas. And if you’re lucky, like at Blue Ribbon in The Cosmopolitan, a whole lot more.

The menu here is not your typical sushi menu; there are a lot of interesting touches and unique twists on favorite dishes. The best part? Every server, from the bar to the dining floor, is well versed in potential allergens and what a vegetarian or vegan will and won’t eat. They aren’t afraid to recommend dishes or steer you away from those that might not be as good once you’ve altered them beyond recognition. (Trust me, I’ve been known to do that.) Listen to the experts here; they’ve obviously been well-trained and tried most, if not all, of the menu themselves.

The edamame is always good, and the Phoenix roll is a great, fresh appetizer that really lets veggie shine. There are quite a few vegetarian salads; the Season Salad sounds simple but has a great mix of flavors. The Un-Fried Rice is what I would consider their vegetarian signature dish, and sized for sharing. Of course, there are plenty of vegetable rolls on the menu. As usual, I’ve never made it to dessert here but it sounds delicious, and their drink list is great. Enjoy!

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