Lemongrass at Aria

One of the things I often find myself craving in Las Vegas, particularly on The Strip, is good Thai food. Luckily, Lemongrass at Aria is always there when I need some delicious vegetarian pad thai. Tucked away off the back of the casino floor, it can be a bit hard to find, but it makes the atmosphere very relaxing.

The food at Lemongrass is reasonably priced and the kitchen is consistent; I’ve been at least half a dozen times and it’s always been predictably delicious. Now, maybe predictable sounds boring, but with so many options being up in the air as a vegetarian in Vegas, I like to know what I’m getting. Another big plus? Lemongrass has helpfully labeled their menu with a leaf symbol next to all vegetarian items. Score!

The vegetarian spring rolls are amazing, perfectly fried and served with a slightly sweet dipping sauce. The vegetable fried rice is always tempting, but I always go with my favorite, Phad Thai J. It’s a light pad thai dish but the tofu is perfectly cooked, the veggies fresh and flavorful.

There are several other vegetarian dishes on the menu, and they serve lunch, too, which can be hard to find in Las Vegas. A great place to grab a bite in City Center!

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