Border Grill at Mandalay Bay

It’s no secret that I love Mexican food. It’s easy to make vegetarian, full of protein and good fats (give me some guacamole and a side of black beans and I am a happy, happy girl) and, last but not least, absolutely delicious. Border Grill at Mandalay Bay delivered on all these things, and more. The servers are fun and attentive and the atmosphere is relaxed. Perfect for a group dinner for vegetarians, vegans and carnivores alike.

We went for dinner with a few friends, but I’m hoping to try brunch as well. (I’m a sucker for brunch but have trouble motivating to actually get out of bed on weekends.) But back to the dinner menu. The first thing I noticed, and what had originally made me put this place on my list, was their cute little leaf symbol that signifies a dish is good for you, and good for the planet, since it’s made with at least 80% plant-based ingredients. Vegetarians, you know you are in good hands here!

We split an order of guacamole to start, while my friends enjoyed queso. (It’s got meat in it and I didn’t get the impression it could be done without.) For my meal I had the Roasted Potato Rajas Relleno and boy, was I glad I did. Just writing this is making my mouth water. The flavors came together so beautifully, and the quinoa added some nice texture and protein. It would be difficult not to order this again, but I’d also love to try the vegetarian enchiladas or even their “make your own tasting menu.”

There are so many vegetarian options at Border Grill, and I definitely got the impression that vegan wouldn’t be a problem here. The servers know their menu (and their tequila) and are more than happy to offer recommendations or substitutions. And while the food is what I would call “fancy Mexican” the atmosphere is decidedly laidback.

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