Bartolotta at Wynn

Once again, Wynn proves they know how to keep vegetarians and vegans happy in Las Vegas. We recently dined at Bartolotta inside Wynn, and it was incredible. As always, the service was impeccable, and the vegetarian menu rivaled the “regular” one in terms of variety of dishes, as well as the sheer number of choices. Just one caveat: this is a seafood restaurant, and they do bring the day’s specials to your table via a fish cart for presentation. So if your whole table is not vegetarian, you may want to look away.

Despite our server being obviously very excited about the fish (which the hubby was more than happy to try) he was also very understanding of my vegetarian diet and never made me feel awkward. Now, back to the vegetarian options. Remember when I said there were a lot? I’m talking 15-20 choices. No joke. So you can understand how hard it was to choose and why I actually opted for 3 courses and skipped dessert. Yup, it was so good I said no to chocolate in favor of vegetables.

I started with a chickpea cake, which was incredible, then got the grilled vegetables. This was a huge portion, meant for sharing, and while it was incredibly simple it was also delicious. Finally I had the gnocchi, which were perfectly cooked little pillows of heaven. The menu changes seasonally, so your vegetarian and vegan options may be different depending on when you visit Las Vegas, but it’s sure to be good no matter when you go to Bartolotta.  Enjoy!

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