A Vegetarian New Year’s Eve in Vegas

Vegas is a hotspot for New Year’s Eve celebrations, and New Year’s Eve 2012/2013 will bring people from all around the world to experience everything that Las Vegas has to offer. This includes dining, dancing, drinking and, because it is New Year’s Eve, fireworks! There are countless DJs and musical acts to be seen, and dozens of special New Year’s Eve menus to try. But are tasting menus worth it? What about buffets? And where do vegetarians fit into all this? Fear not, I’ve got you covered.

New Year’s Eve Traffic & Weather In Vegas

First, a word on New Year’s Eve in Vegas. It’s crazy. Lots of fun, tons to do, but there are a lot of other people trying to do the same thing. So plan ahead. The Las Vegas Strip is closed to cars starting around 5pm, so you’re going to need to stay nearby to all your activities for the evening, or plan to do some walking. Ladies, that means choose your shoes carefully, and understand that while Vegas is warmer than many places, it is still winter. And no matter how cute your dress is, shivering is never a good look.

Nightclubs On New Year’s Eve In Vegas

As for dinner, drinks and dancing, you need to make reservations. If you’re looking to go to a nightclub, I recommend getting a table. Yes, it’s pricey, but it will pay for itself in the time not spent waiting in line to get in or at the bar to get a drink. If you can’t do a table, arrive early and buy tickets in advance.

Tasting Menus and Special New Year’s Eve Dinners

New Year’s Eve can get very expensive, very quickly. So it’s important to figure out what you want to spend on, and what you don’t. If you love food, a multi-course chef’s tasting menu is often the way to go. Vegetarian menu are available at many restaurants, including holiday menus like New Year’s Eve. Michael Mina and Picasso, both at the Bellagio, always offer vegetarian tasting menus, and Alize at Palms, as well as China Poblano at The Cosmopolitan, have special New Year’s Eve vegetarian menus. Wynn and Encore are also likely to offer some seasonal, vegan or vegetarian options to celebrate the holiday.

These tasting menus can be anywhere from 3 to 10 courses, with the added option of wine pairings. Some restaurants will require everyone in the party to do a tasting menu, and you will definitely need a reservation, so call ahead. Many restaurants offer a choice of seatings, an early and a late, so you only have 2 options for when you dine.

Casino Entry for New Year’s Eve Guests

Since there are so many people in Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve, the casinos can’t possibly let everyone in. So if you want to visit a casino and you do not have a room there, you’re going to need to either arrive early, or make dinner/nightclub reservations. This will allow you access to the hotel, but make sure to give yourself extra time to get there (no cabs on The Strip) and to make your way through the crowds and the doormen.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks Display

Finally, there are the fireworks. It’s amazing to see the sky lit up over the lights of Las Vegas, but the show tends to be short, so stake out your spot ahead of time. They usually go off from near Caesars Palace and can be seen up and down Las Vegas Boulevard. For the best view, head to a bar that’s high up, like at Mandarin Bar at The Mandarin Oriental or Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay. Or you can try for a nightclub with outdoor space, like Pure at Caesars Palace or Chateau at Paris.

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