Il Fornaio at New York, New York

As a vegetarian, I’m no stranger to pasta dinners, and I bet you’re not either. So I’ve had my fair share of boring marinara and primavera, as well as some pretty delicious plates of pasta. (Side note: I hate spaghetti. It’s too hard to eat. I like to stab shapes, not twirl strands.) When my mother-in-law suggested we carb up before the Las Vegas marathon, I was psyched to try Il Forniao at New York, New York.

Their large menu offered plenty of options right away, as well as some reassuring vegan and vegetarian notes on certain dishes. They even offer to make vegan, cheeseless pizza! Sadly, I could not convince the hubby to go for pizza so I could try it, but they were more than happy to accommodate his request for dairy-free sides. Despite the many vegetarian dishes, I opted for a pasta that originally came with chicken, Conchiglie Al Pollo, and simply said no meat. I was rewarded with double vegetables and a delicious meal. Score!

I counted 16 vegetarian items on the Il Fornaio menu with no substitutions required, plus quite a few that could easily be modified to be vegan or vegetarian. Italian is always a crowd pleaser, and the menu includes plenty to satisfy meat eaters as well. A great option for any group in Vegas!

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