DW Bistro (Off The Strip)

More delicious vegetarian options away from Las Vegas Blvd! Are you ready? DW Bistro. This adorable restaurant fuses Jamaican flavors into classic dishes for a delightfully spicy cuisine that is very vegetarian friendly.

I’ve only tried them for lunch, where my go-to is the vegetable curry, which is perfectly spiced without being overwhelming. A mix of fresh vegetables tops your choice of rice or couscous. It’s heaven in a bowl, and I always have leftovers for later, so it’s win-win. If I wasn’t so anti-mushroom I would try the veggie burger, always a classic vegetarian favorite. The signature salad is also really good, with enough extra veggies and nuts to be a satisfying meat-free meal.

If I make it there for dinner, truffle mac and cheese will be on my plate without even looking at the menu. Let me know if you get there first, and what vegetarian dishes you tried for lunch or dinner!

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