D’Amore’s Famous Pizza at Miracle Mile Shops in Planet Hollywood

Good news Vegas vegans: vegan cheese has come to the Las Vegas Strip! D’Amore’s Famous Pizza now serves vegan cheese on their pies. (They also offer gluten-free crust, too.)

Located inside the Miracle Mile Shops, adjacent to Planet Hollywood, this is a small pizza place where you can buy a slice or a whole pie. They only do full pies with vegan cheese, not single slices, but you could probably do half and half if you had a friend who just had to have real cheese.

D’Amore’s is tucked away in the back side of the mall, near the parking entrance and the Saxe Theater. It’s a casual place, great for a quick vegan lunch or dinner. I haven’t tried the vegan pizza yet, so please let me know how it is if you do!

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