Max Brenner at Forum Shops at Caesars Palace

I love chocolate. To say that I have a sweet tooth is a serious understatement; it’s more like I’ve got a sweet jaw or something. So a restaurant that brings chocolate into nearly every dish? Right up my alley. Add plenty of vegetarian goodies and I’m sold. Obviously you can see why Max Brenner, inside the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, might be my new favorite place.

First, let’s talk about the menu. It’s huge. Almost overwhelming. So let me help you out: they have vegetarian breakfast/brunch, lunch and dinner dishes, and breakfast items are served extended hours, giving you lots of choices. Also, you must have the waffle fries, it’s not an option.

If you eat eggs, you’re in business here. I will eat eggs, but I’m not a huge fan, so I made my own light lunch, tapas-style and had the hummus, white corn croquettes and aforementioned waffle fries with house dipping sauce.

The margherita pannini was also calling my name, and I can’t wait to go back and try the Veggie Conscious Burger. There are a few vegetarian pizza and pasta options as well. All around, plenty of vegetarian options for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Of course, dessert is the star here. Save room and bring a bunch of friends to Max Brenner so you can try a variety of options.

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