YOLOs at Planet Hollywood

Have I mentioned I like Mexican food? OK, good. It’s extremely vegetarian-friendly and easy to find on The Strip, at all price points. Perfect for vegetarians vacationing in Las Vegas! And of course, Vegans too. (Did you know Las Vegas residents are sometimes called Las Vegans?)

Anyway, a few weeks ago I tried YOLOs at Planet Hollywood for lunch. Vegetarian lunch can be harder to find in Vegas than vegetarian dinners, so it was good to try something new. I had their fajitas which were awesome. Why? Because they had lots of veggies! You would be surprised at how many places offer 5 kinds of fajitas, but the vegetarian version is just a big plate of onions. Bo-ring.  But YOLOs vegetarian fajitas were fresh, flavorful, and full of variety. Yay!

YOLOs is located on the casino floor, making it easy to get to for lunch, dinner or a quick vegetarian snack. (I highly recommend the guacamole, made tableside.) They’ve also got Happy Hour deals, because, hey, You Only Live Once. So enjoy it, with delicious vegetarian food in Vegas!

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