Culinary Dropout at Hard Rock Hotel

I don’t know why I always think of the Hard Rock Hotel as “far away.” While technically off The Strip, it’s a frequent and easy cab destination. And for vegetarians, Culinary Dropout makes it well worth the drive. Overlooking Hard Rock’s pool, Culinary Dropout offers a laidback vibe and a variety of tempting vegetarian options, securing it a spot on the shortlist for my new favorite restaurant.

First up, the decor and atmosphere is great: fun without being over the top, eclectic and shabby-chic in the way most Pinterest boards desperately try to be. Next, the cocktail program: full of unique touches and handcrafted flair. And finally, the menu: just the menu itself will make you laugh, with names like “Ma…The Meatloaf!” Sadly, it’s not vegetarian, but I want to order it just to scream it like Will Ferrell.

On to the vegetarian and vegan menu options. There’s a whole “vegetable and snacks” antipasti section that could easily be made into a meal and is full of vegan options. I highly recommend the roasted beets and marcona almonds, as well as some “good crusty bread.” (Their name, not mine. I told you this place was fun!) If you still have room, try the pretzels and cheese.

For a full meal, I can’t get enough of the Sweet Corn Cannelloni. The Chopped Vegetable Salad also looks promising as a nice light, summer meal. (Make it vegan without the parmesan.) You could also easily omit the bacon for some bangin’ Grilled Cheese Sliders.

Bottom line: there are lots of vegetarian options to choose from, plus some pretty adaptable dishes to widen your horizon. Vegans will also enjoy a variety of options, as will carnivorous friends. Culinary Dropout is a great spot for groups.

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