Le Thai in Downtown Las Vegas on Fremont St

If you haven’t been downtown Las Vegas yet, I urge you to take a trip down to Fremont St. to visit Le Thai, as well as some of the bars near there. While the canopy area remains a bit cheap and cheesy, the other end has a wonderful variety of local bars and restaurants. Le Thai is one of these gems serving delicious vegetarian and vegan food in downtown Las Vegas.

Often called “old Vegas,” downtown and Fremont St. often get overlooked by tourists, but it’s interesting to see Vegas outside of The Strip. And for vegetarians, Le Thai is a must-try. The food is delicious, the decor is beautiful and the prices can’t be beat. Ask to sit in the back patio and take a much needed respite from the assault of neon in Las Vegas, then order the vegan curry with tofu.

Nearly every dish can be done with tofu here (although some may have hidden fish sauce, so ask your server for specifics). But the vegan curry is safe for all non-meat eaters and is delicious. You can choose your level of spiciness and white or brown rice, all while sitting in an almost-tropical garden so tranquil and lush that it’s hard to believe you’re in the Las Vegas desert.

I hope you find time to make it downtown on your trip to Las Vegas, and to Le Thai for a vegan dinner that won’t break the bank. Enjoy!

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  1. Eddie Ridenour says:

    Le Thai is an over priced small restaurant on Fremont Street, Las Vegas, Nevada. I ordered crab rangoon as an appetizer. It was more puff than crab. The ribs and rice main course was more rise than rib. For what I received the meals were over priced. The quality of the food was average. I chose to eat out back but was unaware of the fly problem. The waiter mentioned additional seasonings that were never provided. I would not visit this establishment again.

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