Mizumi at Wynn

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Wynn and Encore are great places to take a vegetarian in Vegas. Their vegan/vegetarian menus are a part of the “regular” menu now too, so you don’t even have to ask for the “special” one. Mizumi had one of the most extensive vegetarian menus I’ve seen in Vegas, from sushi and small plates to full entrees.

I had a hard time deciding, especially when our server told me that some of the items on the regular menu were actually vegetarian as well; the vegan menu wasn’t even the full extent of what I could order. Yay! I tried the truffle salt edamame, tofu salad and gardein chik’n entree. All delicious. I ate way too much to enjoy dessert, but the coconut cocktail was perfect–sweet and creamy but not too sugary.

Mizumi would be a great spot for a group, from vegetarians to vegans, and, of course, all our omnivore buddies. The menu includes a lot of things that are easy to share and while the view is gorgeous, the atmosphere is pretty laid back. See you at the sushi bar!

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