Slice Of Vegas at Mandalay Bay Place

Pizza. It’s a go-to for many vegetarians, as meat lovers enjoy it, but not always the most healthy or interesting dinner option. And vegans are often left with a boring, wilted sub shop salad. Not so at Slice Of Vegas, my new favorite pizza place in Las Vegas. Vegan cheese. Gluten-free crust. Meatless toppings and plenty of fresh veggies. This is vegan pizza heaven, with plenty of meat options for your pals.

Don’t let the fact that Slice Of Vegas is located at Mandalay Bay Place, the shopping mall that connects Mandalay Bay and Luxor, fool you. This is no mall food court pizza. These are gourmet, made-to-order pies with endless topping options and a full vegan menu.

I had a hard time choosing what to order because everything sounded so good, but finally decided on the vegan cauliflower appetizer and 4 cheese truffle pizza, to which I added brocolini and vegetarian meatless meatballs. It was seriously the best pizza I’ve ever had. Hubby and I split the zeppoli (fried pizza dough, also vegan) for dessert. But next time, I’m making him try the vegan chocolate cake while I go for a cannoli.

And yes, there will definitely be a next time. Just one Slice Of Vegas was not enough. Try it yourself for a delicious vegan or vegetarian lunch or dinner in Las Vegas.


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