I’m a vegetarian of 6 years and counting who loves food, wine and all manner of baked goods. (Especially cupcakes.) I never met a broccoli spear I didn’t like, but I hate mushrooms.

I’ve had enough pasta primavera to last a lifetime. But I love restaurants and dining out with friends. So I started this blog as a guide to vegetarian eating in Las Vegas and beyond. Vegetarian? Vegan? Follow along as I conquer The Strip, one salad course at a time. I’m reviewing restaurants and recipes that anyone can enjoy, vegetarian or not. Bon appetit!

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  1. kara says:

    This website is amazing!! I’m planning my first trip to Vegas, and this is SO helpful. Thanks so much!

  2. Veronica Ng says:

    Thank you for stopping by to like my post. Although my family & I are not vegans, there are days when we simply crave just for greens and no meat, especially my eldest gal who’s now heads-over-heel over yoga & eating right. Thanks for sharing the info on yr blog. Blessings !

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